18.10.2021 — Compassionate Proclaimer

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St. Luke, Evangelist, Friday – 18th October 2021 — Gospel: Lk 10,1-9

Compassionate Proclaimer

Luke is a learned Greek physician, artist and evangelist, who wrote the memorable two-volume works in the New Testament: the “third” Gospel and the Acts of the Apostles. In the two books he shows the parallel between the life of Christ and that of the Church. He probably never met Jesus in person. Yet, he apparently had close contact with many eye witnesses and followers of Jesus, possibly including Jesus’ mother, Mary, John, Peter and Paul. He is the only Gentile Christian among the Gospel writers, who brings universalistic themes in proclaiming the Gospel. In his Gospel, he manifests the great compassion and loving mercy of Jesus for all people.

Tradition holds Luke to be a native of Antioch, and Paul calls him “our beloved physician” (Col 4,14). Luke appears in Acts during Paul’s second journey, remains at Philippi for several years until Paul returns from his third journey, accompanies Paul to Jerusalem and remains near him when he is imprisoned in Caesarea. During these two years, Luke had time to seek information and interview persons who had known Jesus. He accompanied Paul on the dangerous journey to Rome where he remained as a faithful companion. He is obviously a trusted friend who brings comfort and compassion to Paul, who writes “only Luke is with me” (2 Time 4,11).

16.10.2021 — Unforgiven Blasphemy

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28thWeek in Ord. Time, Saturday – 16th October 2021 — Gospel: Lk 12,8-12

Unforgiven Blasphemy

With great confidence, Jesus entrusted his disciples to the care of the Holy Spirit. For in his teaching on prayer, he concluded with the Father’s promise of the Holy Spirit (11,13). This Spirit, whose goal is to lead believers into all truth (Jn 16,13) and remind them of Jesus’ words (Jn 14,26), would be with them when they face hostile forces in the world (Lk 12,11). This Spirit, who is promised to all who believe and are baptized (Acts 2,28-39), would be their one source of strength, wisdom and consolation. In matters of Christian witness, Jesus contrasts those who speak against the Son of man (12,8-9) with those who blasphemy against the Spirit (Lk 12,10). Those who speak against the Son of man speak out of ignorance. They recognize Jesus as mere human created reality. They will be forgiven. However, those who blaspheme against the Spirit speak out of Christian knowledge. They attack Jesus in the source of his divine existence and so they deny the source of their own divine existence. Their blasphemy is a radical rejection of their Christian life and they will never be forgiven.

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