21.04.2021 — Call to Acquire Discipleship Tool

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3rd week in Easter, Wednesday – 21st April 2021 — Gospel: John 6, 35-40

Call to Acquire Discipleship Tool

The post-resurrection experience emphasized John’s theology of seeing and believing, an interlinked experience. The beloved disciple had this experience in the empty tomb (20,8) and Thomas’ quench of doubt in risen Jesus reaches the climax (20,25.27.29). Earlier, Jesus condemns the desire for this experience in the healing of the Royal official’s son (4,48). In this chapter, just before this section, the crowds expect signs to have the same experience (6,30). Jesus answers that he is the ‘bread from heaven’, a sign to see and believe. Jesus insists here twice of this experience (6,36 & 40). The repetition indicates a high level of importance. Indeed Jesus expresses this experience as the ‘Will of the Father.’ Therefore, we must learn to see this reality that “God was in Christ, who is bread of life” through the eye of faith. We will become authentic followers only if we know how. In the bread, Jesus’ wisdom is available to his followers. Seeing and believing is an accessible discipleship tool which provides Christians all levels of spiritual maturity. It also enables us to perceive the spiritual realities that are within our reach, but mysteriously remain unrecognized and hidden. As followers we need to “participate in the divine nature” (2 Pet 1,4), which is the centre of our calling.

20.04.2021 — Faith is a Credible Sign

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3rd week in Easter, Tuesday – 20th April 2021 — Gospel: John 6, 30-35

Faith is a Credible Sign

In today’s gospel, the crowd began by seeking the Messiah, but then started to seek signs from Jesus (6,30). This verse gives further proof of the wickedness of their hearts. One day before, they had seen Jesus feed five thousand men with five loaves and two fish. On the very next day, they came to Him and asked Him for some sign that would prove His claims to be the Son of God. “For the Jews require a sign” (1 Cor 1,22). The rabbis taught that, when Messiah came, He would duplicate the miracle of the manna (Ex 16). If Jesus was truly sent by God (Jn 6,29.38.57), then let Him prove Himself by causing manna fall from heaven. Instead, Jesus points to the Eucharist as the supreme sign, while manna of the desert was only its foreshadowing (6,32-33). Like most unbelievers, they wanted to see first, and then they would believe. But this is not God’s order. God says to his people, “if you believe, then you will see.” Faith that is based on signs alone, and not on the truth of the Word, can lead a person astray. For even Satan is able to perform “signs and deceptive wonders” (2 Thess 2,8-10). Faith is a credible sign that must always come first. Jesus emphasizes that faith is more important in receiving the Eucharist.

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