14.05.2022 — Sharing His Friendship

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St.Matthias, Apostle, Saturday – 14thMay 2022 — Gospel: Jn 15,9-17

Sharing His Friendship

As Jesus responded to the Father’s love with obedient, sacrificial love for others, so the disciples must respond to the love of Jesus with obedient, self-giving love for one another. Abiding in the love of Jesus means to love one another as Jesus loves. It means self-giving for others, even laying down one’s life for one’s friends. In this manner, Jesus uses the word “friend” to express the type of relationship he desires with those who follow him. Only Moses, the greatest figure of the Hebrew Scriptures, was privileged to speak to God as a “friend” (Ex 33,11), a relationship that seemed unattainable to the average Israelite. Yet Jesus calls his disciples “friends”, and like a true friend, shares the best of himself with his disciples. He lays down his life for them and he offers them the key to his Father’s house with all its riches. This unearned, undeserved gift of friendship gives disciples the freedom and the motivation we need to “bear fruit that will last”.

13.05.2022 — Understanding the Way

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4th Week in Easter Time, Friday – 13th May 2022 — Gospel: John 14,1-6

Understanding the Way

As Jesus points to himself as the one who reveals the Father, Thomas misunderstands and asks a question. He interprets the words “where I am going” only as a physical destination. Jesus corrects this misunderstanding with an “I am” saying. “The Way” is not a geographical term or physical road, it is Jesus himself. Thus, to know Jesus is to know Jesus as a person. In his being “the Way” Jesus is also “Truth” and “Life”. Jesus is the “Truth” because he has been sent by God to make God’s word known. He became “flesh” and anyone who recognizes this and listens to his voice, is of the truth. Recognition of the truth in Jesus leads to “life” in abundance. Since the fullness of God’s life was revealed in Jesus, one can only partake of this life through Jesus.

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