02.04.2020 — His Word that destroys death

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5th week in Lent, Thursday – 2nd April 2020 – John 8,51-59

His Word that destroys death

In the previous section, Jesus proclaimed that abiding in his word brings knowledge of the truth and genuine freedom (8,31-32). Now he proclaims another astonishing promise, “whoever keeps my word will never see death” (8,51). This promise of Jesus is misunderstood by the listeners. They attack Jesus’ identity by appealing to Abraham and the fact that he died. Thus they accuse Jesus of being possessed by a demon. From the beginning of the Gospel, it is known fact that Jesus is indeed the eternal Word, existing with God from eternity. His word is a life giving word and can result only in life. Therefore, remaining in the words of Jesus, living out its demands, taking it to heart, leads to the quality of life that lasts forever.

01.04.2020 — Knowing God of truth

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5th week in Lent, Wednesday – 1st April 2020 – John 8,31-42

Knowing God of truth

The Greek word ‘aletheia’ meaning ‘truth’ is a common word in Fourth Gospel, occurring twenty-five times; while in synoptic Gospels, it appears altogether only seven times.  In John, truth referred to Jesus’ teaching, Jesus himself (14,6) and what the Spirit would continue to teach as well (16,13). It does not refer to a philosophical ideal or the opposite of falsehood. Truth is knowledge of God as revealed in Jesus’ own self. Knowing this ‘truth’ is knowing God, made present in Jesus, who is “the way, the truth and the life” (14,6). Jesus makes this clear in 8,36, when he substitutes “the Son” for “the truth”, saying that the Son makes people free. As “Son” and “truth”, Jesus himself is the very revelation of God (1,18; 5,19-27; 14,8-10). Believing in Jesus was just the beginning point. Abiding in the truth of Jesus’ teaching was the key (8,32). Remaining connected to or dwelling in him and his message is the true measure of discipleship.

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