14.09.2021 — Symbol of Salvation and Love

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Exaltation of the Holy Cross, Tuesday – 14th September 2021 — Gospel:              Jn 3,13-17

Symbol of Salvation and Love

The feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross of Jesus reflects the central mystery of Christian faith: Jesus who was lifted up on the cross in crucifixion has triumphed over the power of sin and death because God highly exalted him. Saint John Paul II called this feast as symbol of Christianity. This feast commemorates two historical events: first, recalls the dedication of the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem with the finding of the Cross of Christ by St.Helen, the mother of Constantine the Great in 326. Second, it is celebration of the return of the Holy Cross to Jerusalem after it had been taken by the Persians in 628.

The Cross represents the One Sacrifice by which Jesus became obedient even unto death.   It is symbolic summary of Passion, Crucifixion, Death and Resurrection of Christ. The Cross, once a tool of death, has become a means of life, and an instrument of our salvation. The Cross is not so much a symbol of pain, but rather of the Love of God for us. It manifests the power of Christ’s love and the wisdom of God’s plan of salvation. The Cross gives strength to resist temptation, it gives hope to seek new life and it dispels fear and darkness.

13.09.2021 — Repayment of Goodness

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24th Week in Ord. Time, Monday – 13th September 2021 — Gospel: Lk 7,1-10

Repayment of Goodness 

Jesus has an encounter with messengers of a Roman centurion, who is both humble and faith filled. He comes to faith in Jesus through the exercise of his authority. His faith is exclaimed aloud by Jesus, even though the centurion is not technically a “believer” – at least by Jewish standards. This non-believer lets his prayer manifested in actions and in his interaction with Jesus. However, he has been very supportive of the Jewish faith. He even spent some of his own money to build Jewish synagogue. When the centurion’s servant became sick, the Jewish elders requested Jesus to do something due to the generosity of this centurion. Since the centurion had shown love and compassion for them, build them synagogue, allowed them to live out their faith in dignity and peace while under military rule, his kindness and mercy endeared Jesus to the Jewish elders. As our past actions often come back either to haunt or help us, so the centurion’s deeds of generosity and kindness repays him in return. The centurion had used his authority to do good to others. As uncharitable actions lead to the exactly opposite, deeds of kindness may lead to mercy and praise.

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