21.03.2023 — Wholesome Life

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4th week in Lent, Tuesday – 21st March 2023 – Ezekiel 47,1-9.12; Jn 5,1-3a.5-16

Wholesome Life

In the first reading, the prophet sees water flowing from the base of the temple in Jerusalem. As the prophet walks along the little stream of water gains volume and flow. It becomes ankle deep, then knee deep, then waist deep, then a huge river which can only be crossed by swimming. The water keeps moving. It flows from the south and east sides of the temple down the steep valley toward the southeast and eventually down to the Arabah and finally into the Dead Sea, the salt waters where nothing will grow. As the water flows out in the parched and barren land to the southeast, it gives life to all sorts of plants and animals that are nearby. As it becomes a river, a force of water flows into the Dead Sea to refresh and renew all that is in it. Water signifies great blessings and a symbol of life that God gives to all creation. Here the image of miraculous water flowing from the house of God gains power and truly gives life and healing. The power of the water is such that, as it flows into the Dead Sea, the lowest (1,300 feet below sea level) and incredibly salty (about 35 percent), the sea flourishes with fish, and fruit trees of every kind growing along its shores. Literally, this imagery highlights that the river not only gives life but will “heal” the waters of the sea.

20.03.2023 — Chasing Dreams in Faith

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St.Joseph, Monday – 20th March 2023– Gospel: Mt 1,16.18-21.24

Chasing Dreams in Faith

Devotion to St.Joseph became popular from the 12th century onward and in the 15th century the feast was fixed to celebrate on 19th March every year. Special devotion spread for Joseph, as foster father of Jesus and husband of Mary in the 19th century. An emphasis was given by Pope Francis dedicating a “year of Saint Joseph” from 8th December 2020 to 8th December 2021 to mark the 150th anniversary of the declaration of Saint Joseph as Patron of the Universal Church by Pius IX.

St.Joseph is a responsible father who takes directions from his dreams. The Gospel of Matthew describes four dreams, in which Joseph, the legal father of Jesus, is visited by an angel of the Lord and receives specific instructions and warnings of impending danger. Each of these dreams were different and difficult calls from God. After each dream, Joseph had to change his plans and take a risk, sacrificing his own plans. With a prophetic gaze, Joseph knows how to look beyond what he sees and recognize the mysterious designs of God. By guarding the fragility of the child Jesus and His mother, Joseph became an instrument for the realization of God’s plan, in his silent, generous and tireless hiddenness. His steadfast belief in his dreams and his courage to act on those dreams, or chase them dreams, made all the difference, in which not only the Son of God was led to safety, but salvation was offered for the whole world.

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