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 And when he had taken leave of them, he went off to the mountain to pray.  Mark 6,46

Jesus, who came among his people, to be with them, to teach them and to heal them,
takes leave of them. 
He sends away the crowd and 
asks his disciples to proceed to the other side of the river.
It looks as if Jesus does not want anyone to be on this/his side. Strange.
Why so?
He has just done a miracle and that too amidst a crowd of 5000 people.
And his disciples had not understood the happenings. 
He leaves the people and goes on to the mountain to pray.
He could have prayed with the people.
 He has prayed with the people in the Synagogues…
 he has prayed in front of the people – before raising Lazarus from the tomb… 
and at other times.
But this times he goes alone to pray.
This could be a time for prayer of union, with the Father-
He and the Father alone.
Probably there is no reciting /saying of prayers in this type.
But a prayer of communion or mystical union !!!
But after the prayer he is back again with his disciples.
His prayer (of communion or mystical union) only throws him 
back to the people.
He leaves the people and his disciples only to come back to them
when they are in difficulties or when they are in need.
He takes LEAVE only to RE-ENTER

05.01.2010 HE IS A MOTHER

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 And Jesus, when he came out, saw much people, and was moved with compassion toward them,… Mark 6,34

Compassion is a motherly quality.
In Hebrew culture and particularly in Hebrew 
language the word for compassion is REHEM
The same word REHEM has another meaning
which is womb.
Womb is distinctively a motherly organ.
And man does not have one. 
Man has all the other organs either the very same organ or complementary organ
when compared with a woman.
Womb – man does not have.
A woman who does not bear a child is as good as a man
because womb in her, does not fulfill its purpose.
So womb is a motherly organ and its qualities are:
  • it respects life
  • allows life to grow
  • nourishes the life
  • constant care 
  • continuous protection for life 
  • 24 hrs feeding and breathing (even while the mother is sleeping)
  • etc
That is what Jesus expresses when he has compassion on the people.
The disciples want the people to care for, by themselves.
But Jesus cares for them, feeds them, respects their lives etc.
Yes, He is a mother to them when he has compassion on them
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