30.04.2017 EMMAUS

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GOSPEL READING (Lk 24:13-35)

Jesus was very personal in dealing with his disciples and he never forced his way through. When these two were on their way home Jesus also took the same road along with them. He pretended even to go the same way and further on. He listened to their woes and allowed them to talk and express themselves fully. He did not straight away tell them that they were foolish or that they were wrong in their thinking and calculations.

Jesus was very obliging. When the disciples asked him to stay with them he took the chance immediately and stayed with them. Since his main concern was the disciples he was ready to go even that length to please them. He went along with them and he obliged them to make them feel that they were almost right. He let them do as they wished.

He vanished from their sight. As soon as the job was done Jesus was not there anymore. He did not go there to received honours and degrees but to make the disciples realize that the scriptures were fulfilled in Jesus. If he had continued there to be with them then they themselves would have continued in Emmaus. Since Jesus vanished from their sight they ran back to Jerusalem to announce to the other disciples what they had experienced. He walked with them; he obliged them and he revealed to them and then he vanished from them so that they could continue the same mission.

இயேசு சீடர்கள் வழியில் நடக்கிறார். அவர்கள் செல்லும் வழிகளில் இவரும் பயணிக்கிறார். அவர்களோடு சிந்திக்கிறார் ஆனால் அவர்களுக்காகவும் சிந்திக்கிறார். அவர்களுக்காக அதிகமாகவே விட்டுக்கொடுக்கிறார். அவர்களை விட்டுவிட்டுப் போவதுபோல காட்டிக்கொள்கிறார். அவர்கள் இவரைப் பற்றிக்கொள்ள வேண்டும் என்பதற்காகவே.

29.04.2017 BOAT

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As Jesus went up the mountain the disciples moved into the boat. Disciples had a journey to make. They had to reach Capernaum. It is quite a long distance. They journey was difficult because of the wind. Also Jesus was not with them. They were disciples of Jesus and now they were making their journey without their master.

Master comes towards the boat. He could have reached without coming near the boat or without showing himself to them. Jesus’ supportive and assuring presence was needed for them on their journey. His physical presence in the boat was not necessary. But the knowledge that he is beside them on their journey will bring them safe and immediately to the shore.

இயேசுவின் சீடர்கள் படகில் தனித்து பயணித்துக் கொண்டிருக்கிறார்கள். பயணம் கடினமானதுதான். இயேசு அவர்களோடு இல்லை என்றாலும் அவரது துணை இருக்கிறது என்ற நம்பிக்கை அவர்களை கரைசேர்க்கிறது.

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