22.01.2017 VOCATION

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At the right time (when John had been arrested) Jesus came out of his own home and moved to Capernaum. Capernaum was a town near the sea of Galilee and made that place his home. He started his ministry from that town. It was to fulfil the scriptures he began the work there. It was also the place of extreme end of the land so he did not start from a place of importance. Light comes from the extreme end always like the sun rise.

His preaching was simple: “Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.” He asked them to come back from the present way of lives. The present way of lives had gone away from God. Certainly the Jews, at the time of Jesus, were very religious and practiced the religion as they were taught. But it was an empty religion a religion without God. The religion had lots of rules and regulations and St. Paul himself would say, later on, that rules only would lead us to sin and not to salvation. Jesus asked his listeners to realize the presence of the kingdom of God.

The first disciples were called to be fishers of men. Jesus’ mission was to preach the kingdom to people, to persons. This probably would mean that his preaching and mission was not interested in the religion or purifying the religion rather he was interested in catching men and bringing them towards God. His mission was to build up God man relationship. He was interested in giving God experience to people and that was his religion.

திருமுழுக்கு யோவானின் பணியின் நிறைவுதான் இயேசுவின் பணி துவக்கம். இயேசுவின் பணியின் துவக்கத்தின் நேரம்> இடம் எல்லாம் இறைவார்த்தையின் நிறைவாகும். சீடர்கள் உறவையும் உடமைகளையும் விட்டுவி;ட்டு பின்தொடர அழைப்பு.

21.01.2017 MAD

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No one was prevented from meeting Jesus or listening to him. The crowd flocked to him. He welcomed them and answered each one according to his need. He was ready to forgo his meal. Those who were engaged in the works of God can easily bear with any inconveniences. They will not miss an opportunity of doing good.

The prophets were called mad people (2 Ki. 9:11). Since Jesus was doing the work of the kingdom and some of the people thought that he was a prophet and so like the prophets of old he was also mad in his dealings. In the context it could also mean that because he was not having his regular meal he would faint and his health would be in danger.

இயேசு ஒரு இறைவாக்கினர் என்று எல்லாரும் நம்பி வந்தார்கள். இறைவாக்கினர்களை மதிமயங்கியவர்கள் என்று கருதினார்கள் (இந்தப் பைத்தியக்காரன் உன்னிடம் வந்தது ஏன்?” 2 அர 9:11). இயேசு உணவு உண்ணாது பணிசெய்து கொண்டிருப்பதால் மயங்கிவிடுவார் என்றும் கருதியிருக்கலாம்.

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