08.11.2019 — Have Eternal Security

31st Week in Ord. Time, Friday – 08th November 2019 — Gospel: Lk 16,1-8

Have Eternal Security

On the one hand, a story of this sort might lead to interpret that dishonesty or stealing is all right. However, the point is not that, but the manager uses all his skills to get out of an extremely difficult situation. He uses all his ingenuity, creativity, and inventiveness to save his life. Therefore when Jesus praises him, he is not praising his dishonesty, but of the steward’s prompt and speedy action; his transparency in dealing with the wealthy master. Jesus focuses here on the contrast between the steps that a person takes for temporary things of the earth and the lethargy shown when it comes to things eternal. He remarks that people who focus on this world, (“the children of this age”) give more foresight to their future than do the people of God (“the children of light”). Jesus says that the disciples should apply themselves to honour and serve God with their possessions as much as worldly people apply themselves to obtain security from money and favour.