07.11.2019 — Called to restore the lost

31st Week in Ord. Time, Thursday – 07th November 2019 — Gospel: Lk 15,1-10

Called to restore the lost

The two parables are almost exactly parallel. They both describe a relentless search for what is lost and express irresistible joy in finding. God is like a shepherd and the woman. The point of each story is that God will go to great efforts and rejoice with great joy to find and restore a sinner to himself. In a culture where tax collectors are despised and sinners are shunned, Jesus offers teachings that encourage the rejected to come to him (15,1). His response to wayward people is strongly contrasted with that of the grumbling religious leaders. Jesus is the model for his disciples. They must reflect his concern and compassion, seeking out the lost and rejoicing with the heavens over every repentant sinner. Their mission, like that of Jesus, is to love people and draw them to God.