09.01.2020 — In God’s name

Christmas Weekday, Thursday – 09thJanuary 2020 — Gospel: Luke 4,14-22

In God’s name

Jesus emphatically presents his mission manifesto. He announces the coming of the kingdom of God and all that it entails by reading the prophet Isaiah. He states that loving God is not possible without loving and liberating one’s neighbour from the clutches of all oppressions. He even names those of his neighbours whose voice is never heard in the society: firstly, ‘the poor’ who were socially neglected and economically oppressed. Secondly, ‘the imprisoned’ who were politically marginalized and thrown into prison. Thirdly, ‘the blind’ who were emotionally tormented and ostracized. Fourthly, ‘the downtrodden’ who were humiliated and alienated from every aspect of life. Jesus dated to love his neighbours and opted to work for their liberation in God’s name.