10.01.2019 — Power of Love

Christmas Weekday, Friday – 10th January 2020 — Gospel: Luke 5,12-16

Power of Love

As we know, at the time of Jesus, leprosy was an incurable disease. And in Jewish society the leper suffered from twin ailments: physical due to the disease and mental due to social and religious expulsion. Jesus steps across the man-made boundaries that separate the clean from the unclean. He touches the unclean and restores them back to the human community. Jesus transcends the law and relates with the outcasts. He shows his unconditional love and mercy towards the socially marginalized leprosy patients. Thus Jesus restored the leper’s physical health and his status, dignity and respect as human beings. Jesus’ ability to heal was a proof that he was the promised Messiah whom the prophets proclaimed: “He has borne our infirmities and carried out our diseases” (Is 53,4).