14.01.2020 — Jesus’ authority ends the demon’s tyranny

Week 1 of Ordinary Time, Tuesday – 14th January 2020 — Gospel: Mark 1:14-20

Jesus’ authority ends the demon’s tyranny   

As Jesus teaches with authority, a man with an unclean spirit rises from the congregation and begins to shout at Jesus. On the one hand, the supernatural knowledge of the demon understands the mission of Jesus and knows who he truly is, “the holy one of God”. The demon knows what the disciples do not yet understand. On the other hand, the destruction of Satan’s rule is the expected result of the coming of God’s kingdom. Indeed, Jesus has come to destroy the powers of evil. His teaching on the reign of God effectively exposes evil and expels it effectively. He rebukes the evil spirit and commands it to come out of the man. Jesus, sharing in divine holiness, is undeniably the one who has come from God. His proclamation of God’s kingdom has become dramatically perceptible that it puts an end to demon’s tyranny.