15.01.2020 — Strength in Solitude

Week 1 of Ordinary Time, Wednesday – 15th January 2020 — Gospel: Mark 1:29-39

Strength in Solitude  

After having liberated a man possessed with an unclean spirit, Jesus proceeds to liberate people from less formidable evils, namely physical ailments. The mission of the kingdom of God consists in giving a new quality of life to people. It is the messianic activity already mentioned by Isaiah (35,4-6). Jesus is strengthened and energized in building the kingdom by his union with God. As his routine, he went to a quite place and prayed to God the Father early in the morning. To truly listen to the voice of God and to get his assistance in time of need, we need to dedicate our time to listening and hearing what God is saying to us. We need moment of solitude and prayer to discern the will of God. It is essential to be away from the normal pace of life to respond to God in the silence of our hearts that will lead to deeds of liberation for others.