31.01.2020 — Mysterious and inevitable growth

Week 3 of Ordinary Time, Friday – 31st January 2020 — Gospel: Mark 4,26-34

Mysterious and inevitable growth  

In the parable of the growing seed (4,26-29), Jesus explains that the kingdom of God is a divine work, not a human achievement. Once it is set in motion the kingdom pursues its course towards fulfillment. The growth of the seed depends on God; it is usually gradual and at times it is imperceptible; it is mysterious and inevitable. We cooperate, but we cannot or hasten the arrival of the kingdom by our efforts any more than the farmer can wait to harvest his grain. St. Paul knew this principle very well (1 Cor 3,6-7).  Every member of the kingdom is being made ready for the harvest by our inner growth in holiness and virtue, which God brings about through our cooperation with his grace. Thus this parable serves as an encouragement for those who think their efforts for the kingdom are fruitless and a warning for those who think they can bring about the kingdom by their own projects and programs.