23.03.2020 — Life in abundance

4th week in Lent, Monday – 23rd March 2020 – John 4,43-54

Life in abundance

Jesus is in Cana for the second time. The mention of Cana and a summary line of the first miracle anticipate another miracle. The healing in this miracle, however, is done at a distance. Earlier, as we know, Jesus turned water into wine – and not just wine, but the best wine in vast quantities – revealing the profound abundance of God in Jesus. In his second visit, Jesus at first ignores the official’s plea for the health of his son and instead seems to chastise the man for his need of signs. However, He heals the royal official’s son, revealing his opposition to those things that kept abundant life from the children of God and his ability to restore health and life. Thus Jesus reveals his divine nature of abundance and mission to those who are open to seeing it. His divine nature is love personified and his mission is universalistic.