24.03.2020 — Desire for conversion and holiness

4th week in Lent, Tuesday – 24th March 2020 – John 5,1-3.5-16

Desire for conversion and holiness

God’s healing doesn’t depend on the quality or quantity of the person’s faith. Because the man whom Jesus heals shows no sign of faith in Jesus or of gratitude for what Jesus has done for him. At first, it is Jesus who initiates the miracle by approaching the man. Yet, he does not force his healing on the man, but asks whether he is interested in getting healed. Unfortunately, this man seemed to be focused only on himself. The man does not answer the question but begins his litany of complaints. Nevertheless, Jesus, who is magnanimous and seeks to do good, responds to this man’s complaints with his healing command. Later he comes in search of the healed man in the temple. Now Jesus confirms about his healed nature and speaks to him about sin. At this juncture, Jesus invites the man to move from the mere physical healing to spiritual healing. He wishes everyone to desire for total conversion and holiness.