11.05.2020 — Treasure God’s indwelling presence

5th week in Easter Time, Monday – 11th May 2020 — Gospel: Jn 14, 21-26

Treasure God’s indwelling presence

To the misunderstood question of Judas Jesus’ response reveals God’s indwelling presence. Jesus promises that if we love Him and keep His word, both He and the Father will come and make home with us (14,23). This is the only verse in the New Testament that says the Father indwells in us. In loving Jesus above all else, the manifestation of He and His Father will take place, not visibly, but invisibly that leads to obey His commands. It is a spiritual manifestation in which the Father and the Son come and make their home with the one who loves them, like the Spirit (14,17). Realizing Jesus’ indwelling presence will help us to keep His commandments, which is an expression from the heart. The term mansion (“mone”) links back to 14,2 of the promise of Jesus that there are many rooms in my Father’s house. Jn 14,23 emphasizes that God will come to make His home with believers on earth, while 14,2 suggests that in eternity believers will make their home with God in heaven. Until then, the triune God lives within us and prepares us to reach that eternal home. If we would remember this wonderful truth, we would love him, follow his commands and keep away from sin. If we treasure God’s indwelling presence, we’ll be careful to walk in obedience.