12.05.2020 — Reassurances for the troubled hearts

5th week in Easter Time, Tuesday – 12th May 2020 — Gospel: Jn 14, 27-31

Reassurances for the troubled hearts

As Jesus seeks to prepare his disciples for what is to come, he reassures them that they will not be left alone. His disciples need not be anxious, because Jesus will be present with them through the Holy Spirit. At the beginning of this chapter Jesus begins with exhortation, “Do not let your hearts be troubled” (14,1) which is repeated again in 14,27 after bestowing peace on them. Jesus boldly proclaims that if they loved him, they would rejoice that he is going to the Father. It is understandable that the disciples would not be in a rejoicing mood upon learning that Jesus would soon be leaving them. Jesus tries to reassure them that he is not simply leaving them, but there is a purpose in his leaving: he is going to be with the Father. Later Jesus tells them that it is to their advantage that he is going away, so that he can send the Holy Spirit, who will bring further understanding and be with them always (16,7). Jesus convinces them by telling these things so that when they occur, they will believe that he is certainly the Messiah (13,19). Indeed, it is only after the resurrection, with the aid of the Holy Spirit, that the disciples begin to understand and believe the words of Jesus (Jn 2,22; 12,16) and are finally able to rejoice (20,20).