22.07.2021 — Linked to New Relationship

St.Mary Magdalene, Thursday – 22nd July 2021 — Gospel: Jn 20,1.11-18

Linked to New Relationship

Mary Magdalene experienced Jesus touching her life, after which she turned her life around and became a faithful follower of Jesus and one of His most dedicated disciples. She found her Saviour at one point in her life when she seemed farthest from God. Then she was of assistance to Jesus and the rest of His entourage. Finally, after standing at the foot of His cross and seeing Him placed in a tomb, she goes to minister to His dead body, but His body is not where she expected. She continues her searching, and finally encounters the supposed gardener, only to realize that He is her Teacher and Lord. Jesus told her two things. First, made her Apostle to the Apostles by telling her to go and share her experiences with them. Tell them that Jesus is alive. Second, strongly told her “to stop clinging to me.” For Mary clung to Jesus as soon as she realized who stood before her. Yet, Jesus had other plans. Perhaps Jesus wished to make her faith further purified. He wanted to make her already-converted heart even more beautiful. Jesus helped her to realize how she would relate to her God now: “I am going to my Father and to your Father.” She would no longer cling to Jesus in the human way she desired until now. She would discover her new identity as a beloved daughter. It is an identity affirmed by the Son, to become a favourite child of a heavenly Father. Certainly, her love for Jesus unleashed a new leaf of relationship and deeper awareness of her status.