23.07.2021 – Let the Seed Be Sown

16th Week in Ord. Time, Friday – 23rd July 2021 — Gospel:   Mt 13,18-23

Let the Seed Be Sown

Jesus’s explanation of the parable of the sower elucidates the seed sown on various soil and refers to how different people respond to the word of God spoken to them. He spoke of many obstacles to letting the seed be sown and bear fruit. Jesus’s explanation was like an examination of conscience for our own lives. One key message which can be gleaned is that we must be open to the word of God and let it take root within us so it can produce a good harvest. The parable also probes the mystery of mixed responses to Jesus and his ministry. In the first scene the seed fell on the path; which means the person lacked understanding, and hence the evil one came and snatched the word away. Quickly we let the word of God pass in one ear and out the other. The enemy is shrewd. He desires to snatch the word of God from our midst before it reaches our heart. On the other hand, we must welcome God’s word so that it may be sown and take root in our hearts and minds. An eager disposition to listen and understand is necessary to prepare the soil of our souls.