04.01.2010 GOD ON HIS FEET

"He went around all of Galilee, teaching in their synogogues"… Mt 4,23

God man Jesus seems to be on his feet.
For this he chooses Capernaum as his place of residence and 
easy to move around the villages and the coastal area.
As he is on his feet with his message his news reaches faster.
Response is still greater – people from all over the places flock to him,
not only from Galilee, because he is moving around Galilee only.
Seems to be a model missionary project.
He makes a move, but the message reaches far and wide
And the out come of it is all that he is able to preach the kingdom of God 
and do the kingdom of God (His healing ministry)
He is able to bring (on his feet=moving around) the kingdom through WORD and DEED.