Primary aim of every religion is to give God experience to its followers. When this purpose is diluted or denied then the people run from religion to religion looking for the same. Because basically everyman longs for a superior being and to associate with it and to experience it and then to express it to the others. Even a man who denies the existence of God holds on to an ideology or to a principle in life and venerates it to such an extent that it becomes his God. There are people who say ‘thank God there is no God’


We belong to a religion in which God revealed himself to the humanity. Yes he revealed himself through Moses in the Old Testament and then to Samuel and to a whole lot of prophets. In the Last days he revealed himself in Jesus Christ who is the WORD.


Then a question arises;  what about those who seek after God? Will they ever reach God at all?  Today’s Gospel is an answer to these questions. The three Magi seek after God and they come from east. They search for God in the natural realities like stars and the rest. The Gospel beautifully narrates that even the natural realities like stars lead men to God.


So reaching God is the only purpose in life. For us God is gifted. God gifts himself to us. What a privilege and honour.


We can be only grateful to God for his Gift to us in his manifestation. This is the feast of Epiphany. God manifesting himself, gifting himself.

Fr. James Theophilus SDB