01.08.2022 — Seeing Beyond Impossibility

18th Week in Ord. Time, Monday – 1st August 2022 — Gospel: Mt 14,13-21

Seeing Beyond Impossibility

The crowds follow Jesus and when Jesus sees them, he reaches out to make them whole. There are contrasting visions between the disciples’ first reactions and Jesus’ way of approaching those in need. He taught his apostles how to minister. The first step was to present their flock to the Lord. The second step was to be obedient to him as to how to feed them. But there was resistance, a lack of seeing through Jesus’ eyes that paralyzed the disciples’ initiative. The disciples see impossibility; Jesus sees possibility. They see complexity; Jesus sees simplicity. They see demand; Jesus sees the necessity. They see burden; Jesus sees a life-giving opportunity. The disciples just obeyed, moved within the circumstances before them, and distributed to others what had already been received and blessed by the Lord, the give of of life-giving gifts.