02.08.2022 — Storm of Perfection

18th Week in Ord. Time, Tuesday – 2nd August 2022 — Gospel: Mt 14,22-36

Storm of Perfection

There are two kinds of storms in the Bible: Storms of correction, when God disciplines us, and storms of perfection, when God helps us to grow. The disciples were deliberately directed into the storm because they were to be tested to find out whether they were with God’s will or not.  Jonah was out of God’s will and ran in the opposite direction. He was then in the storm because he disobeyed God and needed to be corrected. The disciples were safer on the land and were obedient to Christ. Now they are in the storm because they had to be perfected. Jesus tested them in a storm before, when He was in the boat with them (Mt 8,23-27). Now he tested them by being out of the boat. However, His coming towards the boat was an expression of his loving care and accompanying presence in troubled times. Jesus promised them, “in the world you shall have tribulation” (Jn 16,33). Yet with Him the disciples are safer in the storm.