20.11.2023 — Mercy Sought and Bestowed

33rd Week in Ord. Time, Monday – 20th November 2023 —             Lk 18,35-43

Mercy sought and bestowed

The story of blind man of Jericho is sandwiched between the third passion predictions of Jesus and Zacchaeus’ story of salvation. Between these two manifestations is a manifestation of mercy, sought and bestowed. What stands out about this blind man is that he twice calls on Jesus by name, affixing that impressive title “Son of David,” without ever having met him. Onlookers try to quieten him. Undeterred he ignores all the voices and demands mercy. The rich young man wanted eternal life, James and John wanted glory, but this blind beggar wanted only mercy. He doesn’t even specify the nature of the mercy until Jesus puts the question to him plainly. On receiving his sight he learns, “your faith has saved you,” a statement applied only to one other person in the Gospel, the sinful woman forgiven in the house of Simon, the Pharisee. Restored to sight, the blind man didn’t go his way, but “followed Jesus, giving praise to God,” exhibiting a new way of being Jesus’ disciple.