12.02.2024 — Exhortation to True Holiness

6th Week in Ord. Time, Monday – 12th February 2024 – James 1,1-11; Mark 8,11-13

Exhortation to True Holiness

In the first reading, James invites his readers to rejoice when they encounter trials and should know that their faith is being tested. If they persevere in their faith through trial, they will be brought to perfection and true holiness. One of the virtues that the suffering members need the most is that of wisdom.  In this context, James is speaking of wisdom as those times we just don’t know what to do. What’s the best choice? Which way should we go? How do we decide between two different paths? Those who truly trust God will ask Him for wisdom. Asking God for wisdom is evidence that we trust Him. Through the time of testing, we need to be confident that God will be generous with his gifts, and trust that the humble of heart will be exalted to heavenly glory. In fact, God gives wisdom generously. He gives wisdom without “reproach” or finding fault. One way, God reveals His wisdom to us in His Word, the Bible. In other ways, Scripture encourages to seek God’s wisdom in wise and godly counsellors (Prov 11,14) and through observing His creation (Ps 19,1). But the ultimate source of all wisdom is God Himself.