13.02.2024 — Persevere to Become Mature

Week 6 of Ordinary Time, Tuesday – 13th February 2024 – James 1,12-18; Mark 8,14-21

Persevere to Become Mature

In the first reading, James speaks about the origins of temptations and the benefits of resisting temptations. Emphasis is also placed on the fact that God is not the source of temptation, since God is the source of only Good. Temptation normally arises from an individual’s own desires and passions. We can either persevere and not give into temptation or we can succumb to temptation. Christians are to see trials as meaningful and beneficial things. Struggles during our earthly lives are opportunities to trust God at a deeper level. The temptation attached to trials is to trust God less and leads to sin. Instead of maturing in the Christian life and persevering on the path to holiness and perfection, the one who allows sin to grow in them is destined to spiritual death and risks eternal separation from God.