02.04.2024 — Effects of Preaching

Tuesday within Easter Octave – 2nd April 2024 – Acts 2,36-41; Jn 20,11-18

Effects of Preaching

Today’s first reading presents the immediate results of Peter’s proclamation of the good news that three thousand were baptized. The listeners were moved and cut to the heart. They come to believe that Jesus was raised by God from the dead and that Jesus is both Lord and Christ. They believe that Jesus is truly God and Saviour of the world. Their new faith in Jesus spurs them to ask Peter: “What are we to do?” Peter answers: “Repent and be baptized.” Repentance was important in the message of the forerunner, John the Baptist (Mk 1,4; Lk 3,3), in the preaching of Jesus (Mk 1,15; Lk 13,3), and in the directions Jesus left just before his ascension (Lk 24,47). John’s baptism was powerless to forgive sins. The baptism preached by Peter is able to forgive sins. John’s baptism cleansed the people with water and led to conversion of heart. Peter’s baptism in Jesus’ name effectively cleanses the people with the Holy Spirit and increases members into God’s family. The kerygma of the early church was to believe, repent and be baptized in order to be saved from this life. Through Peter’s preaching apostles and the people witnessed this through the conversion of heart.