22.04.2019 — His Ressurection was evangelized by all

*Monday within Easter Octave – 22nd April 2019 — Gospel: Mt 28,8-15*
*His Resurrection was evangelized by all *
As the women, Mary Magdalene, goes to tell the good news of the resurrection to the other disciples, the Roman guards are going to report the resurrection to the chief priests. The guards and the officials who sealed the tomb were physically strong while the disciples of Jesus lacked confidence in themselves. Therefore no one could ever remove Jesus’ body from the tomb without their knowledge. However, Jesus’ body was not stolen by the disciples but raised by God the Father. The guards by reporting “everything that had happened”, they too become unknowingly evangelizers of this great truth. The leaders in Jerusalem want Jesus to remain dead in the eyes of the people. The soldiers are persuaded with “a large sum of money” to say lie. The guards fail in their duty if they spread the news that they were fast asleep. Yet the religious leaders promise to protect them. As they bribed Judas, now they bribe the guards, and they may need to bribe Pilate, in case a report of their negligence should reach his ears. The false stories kept lingering around even decades later when Matthew wrote this gospel. However, the actual truth about resurrection was evangelized by believers as well as fabricators of falsehood.