16.08.2017 FORGIVE

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Two most important virtues or practices of Christianity are presented here by Jesus. They are reconciliation and prayer. Here Jesus gives the process of reconciliation. Here again it is not for the sinner to make the first more rather it is the brother (against whom one has sinned) of the sinner. Then he should make effort with two or more brothers and then take the matter to the church. It is not the sinner who makes this process.

The second practice of piety is prayer. Prayer should be done in a community. It is the community of believers. Where there is a community of believers there the presence of God is experienced. When prayers are said in a group then there is greater advantage of being heard.

கிறிஸ்தவ வாழ்வுக்கு அடித்தளமான இரண்டு பண்புகள் இங்கே பேசப்படுகின்றன. அவை: ஒப்புறவு> ஜெபம். இவை இரண்டும் உறவை வளர்ப்பதற்கும் இறைஉறவில் வளர்வதற்கும் அவசியமானவை.

15.08.2017 ASSUMPTION

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Mary considered herself as the handmaid of the Lord. Her yes to the plan of God was the outcome of her acceptance that she was only the handmaid of the Lord. True liberation comes to her in her acceptance of her limitedness. Her yes made her free of her cultural, social, and personal bonds that tied her to the earthly realities.

As a liberated person she sang the glory of God and precisely that was the reason that she sang the song of liberation. It was a song of liberation from arrogance of heart and mind; liberation from evil political powers; liberation from attachment to wealth and riches. The liberation brought forth fulfillment of promises and mercies for generations to come.

மரியா ஆண்டவருக்கு ஒப்புதல் கொடுத்தாள். அந்த ஒப்புதல் அவளை ஆண்டவருக்கு அடிமையாக்கியது ஆனால் அவள் உலக> கலாச்சார> சமுதாய அடிமைத்தனங்களிலிருந்து விடுதலை அடைகிறாள். அந்த விடுதலைக்காக ஆண்டவரைப் போற்றி பாடுகிறாள்.

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