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The Pharisees approached Jesus and questioned him to test him. Do they want to put him in prison as they did with John the Baptist? Jesus realizes that there is a trap. The Pharisees quote Moses regarding divorce. Moses does not command or encourage divorce but permits it. In his argument Jesus goes back to the time of creation. It is here that the will of God is revealed. Creation story is found in the book of creation and both Jesus and the Pharisees believed that Moses wrote the book of Genesis. In this the bond that exists between husband and wife is not one of partnership or a working relationship but it is a new entity.

The problem is not with the ideal (as God wanted it) or with the law but with the people. The people are hardhearted. Jesus gives only one remedy for this hardheartedness. The remedy is only in returning to the original intention of the Creator God. It is to return to the original plan of God. Jesus has come to re-establish the original plan of God in his proposal “the kingdom of God”.

இயேசு இவ்வுலகிற்கு வந்தது இறையாட்சியை நிருவுவதற்குத்தான். இறைவன் உலகை படைக்கும்போது கொண்டிருந்த திட்டத்தை மீண்டும் நிலைநாட்டுவதுதான் அடித்தள மனநிலை. ஒழுங்குகள் சட்டங்கள் எல்லாம் பின்வந்தவைதான். இறைதிட்டம் குடும்பத்திலும் உறவிலும் நிலைநாட்டப்படவேண்டும்.

23.02.2017 REJECT SIN

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These saying remind the listeners that discipleship is very difficult. It demands sacrifices. These are indeed challenges to those who say that following Jesus is to find complete personal fulfilment and satisfaction. There is a war between God and the power of evil. The follower should keep in mind that he is constantly challenged to choose God.

What we are asked to give up is not something sinful. Of course we should reject sin. But we should be ready to reject something which is good and God-given (like hand, feet and eyes). These are to be rejected when they lead us to wrong path, though they are good in themselves.

Salt purifies; so does fire. The disciples are asked to be salt of the earth. They should not lose their flavour and should not become worthless. They should live in peace with themselves and with the others. Living in peace is the flavour of the disciples of Jesus.

சீடத்துவம் கடினமானது. உலகத்தை தவிர்த்து கடவுளை தேர்ந்து கொள்ள வேண்டும். என்றும் எங்கேயும் எப்போதம் கடவுளை தேர்ந்து கொள்ள வேண்டும். தீமையை தவிர்ப்பது அவசியம் ஆனால் சில நேரங்களில் நல்லவற்றையும் (அவை நம்மை தீமைக்கு இட்டுச் சென்றால்) தவிர்க்கவேண்டும்.

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